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On this page, I keep track of some important documents I have written…

*  2012
Miniature 9
Altran - November 2012
[Software Testing]

   - Internal training en
Theory & Models
ISTQB certification
Test management
Infrastructure & Tooling

*  2010
Miniature 9
Netapsys - March 2010
[Continuous Integration & Agility… An efficient set of tools.]

   - Talk given at a conference of Agile Nantes fr
Global process
The tools we are using at Netapsys
Feedbacks (Programmer & Manager point of view)

*  2009 - Today
[Agility, Java programming, New technologies and more…]

   - Personal blog en fr
Articles about agile programming (mostly Java), management, Linux and some news & events related to IT.
I translate my articles into English as much as I can. I don't have so much time, but I try to publish articles at least on a monthly basis. I deal with issues that are important to me, minutes of presentations that I attended, technical tips, and also some less serious topics…

*  2009
Miniature 6 Miniature 7 Miniature 8
Capgemini - from March 23th to August 28th, 2009
[New technologies oriented]

   - Paper on Continuous Integration (agile method) fr
How does it work? Concepts and Best practices
Pros and Cons, questioning

   - Internship report fr
Presentation of the company
Project CORS specifications + Programming (Eclipse IDE, Java, Struts 2, Hibernate, Spring…)
Project Management tools (VBA, WatiN, ClearQuest)
Continuous integration platform (Maven, Hudson, Sonar, Subversion)

   - Appendices fr (confidential data - not available)

*  2008 - 2009
Miniature 3 Miniature 4 Miniature 5
Sylis - from October 8th, 2008 to March 18th, 2009
[Development of a project management application]

   - Interim report fr
Presentation of the company
Project planning
PMBox functional specifications
Technical specification

   - Final report fr
Implementing the application (Eclipse IDE, Java, Struts 1, Hibernate)
Results and conclusion

   - Appendices fr

*  2007 - 2008
Miniature 2
Dundalk Institute of Technology (end year project)
[Practicing Test-driven Development during development with EJB 3.0 - Java EE 5]

   - Test-driven Development & Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 en
What is TDD (agile method): concepts, tools and best practices
The limitations with EJB 2.1 for TDD
Main improvement with EJB 3.0: annotations & dependency injection, writing tests become easier
Prototype: application to manage rental accomodations
Technologies: JDeveloper IDE, EJB 3.0, JSF

*  2006
Miniature 1
STMicroelectronics - from June 5th to September 1st, 2006
[Development of a management application]

   - Internship report (including appendices) fr
Existing: Excel Macro
Writing specifications
Merise modeling (CDM, CTM)
Development (Eclipse IDE, PHP, XML, SQL)
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